Streamline's NICET certified designers and use of licensed Fire Protection Engineers, create effective solutions for every project's unique requirements.  The designers work in accord with the customer to conform to their vision and ensure a highly functioning and reliable system.  

SFP stays on the forefront of technology and designs in 3D that is BIM capable and Revit compatible.  These capabilities give both the client and designers the ability to maximize efficiency of space utilization and minimize architectural design limitations.  Read More...


The experienced installation teams are familiar with various structural dwellings that include warehouses, small and large scale retail space, high-rise and low-rise hotels, medical facilities, industrial, residential and commercial multi-unit buildings. 

Installation teams work in solidarity with designers and project managers to deliver solutions that compliment the design-build process in compliance with fire codes and NFPA standards.    Read more...


Fire protection systems and fire pumps require regular maintenance and periodic repairs.  Existing systems encounter a multitude of complications and Streamline's service technicians are equipped to remedy emergency and non-emergency repairs and modifications.   

SFP services commercial, industrial, institutional and residential buildings.  New systems occasionally require repair due to poor installation and Streamline's technicians are NICET certified and committed to making sure the system is in full working order.

                                                              For all emergency and non-emergency service and repair: 855-393-1567 ext. 1


Most jurisdictions and many insurers require verification for the stability of operational capabilities of a fire protection appurtenances.  SFP provides inspection and testing in accordance with NFPA guidelines and each inspection includes a detailed report of the working order of the system.   

Streamline offers inspections to wet, dry, pre-action, deluge, foam and anti-freeze sprinkler systems, as well as pumps, hydrants and back flow devices.