Streamline's fire sprinkler designers are multi-disciplined and have extensive experience in designing various systems.  SFP designers comprehend and manipulate mechanical engineering, hydraulics, fluid dynamics, Hydro-CAD, AutoSprink, Revit and architectural CAD. 

Streamline designs all projects in 3D because it provides the installation team with the most accurate representation of the system.  The majority of design projects are completed before construction has begun and designing in 3D produces a precise layout of the structure before it materializes.  BIM capable 3D design will eventually become the new standard in the engineering fields and SFP is a leader in making this transition.

The design phase is paramount to the integrity and longevity of the system.  Finding a fire protection solution depends largely on what flammable materials are being protected.  SFP will evaluate risk and assess the fire hazards that the customer is exposed to and provide you with the best solution for your fire protection needs.

  • Light hazard to extra hazard group II
  • Standpipe
  • Palletized Storage
  • High pile storage
  • ESFR
  • In-rack system 
  • Fire pumps and water supplies
  • Various forms of dry, wet, pre-action, deluge, anti-freeze and foam